Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finish bedroom tear out

Barry and I finished tearing out the build in the bedroom and started removing the walls separating that and the bath.  The curb side wall is all out and also that side wall covering.  I started removing the street side wall, but only got half way done with that before the heat just became too much.

I turned on the front roof air this morning and it was ok for a while, but after the afternoon sun rolls around the bus begins to bake.   With the bus not very well insulated, which is one of the reasons for the tear out, the a/c cannot keep up.  By the time I quit it was 89 inside and I had done enough for one afternoon.

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wmbk said...

Much impressed. We layfolk don't see all of this work so it sort of appears dead in the water. Obviously, not so.
I'm thinking how wonderful such a blog would have been a few years ago, when textbooks just couldn't get out of the 60s. Wow!